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School holidays at the library

The school holidays are now in full swing, and the library is full to bursting every day, which is is so fantastic to see :)

Our annual Summer Reading Challenge is very much underway, and (to my delight) is Roald Dahl themed this year. He was my absolute favourite author as a child, and I'm having so much fun reliving happy memories of his wonderful stories. I'm also having lots of fun with the various Roald Dahl themed activities we're doing, too. I signed myself up to lead on 'The Twits' activity because I thought it would be great fun to dress up in character for the event - I often think such things before the practicalities of the situation sink in!

I decided to have a go at crocheting a Mr Twit-style beard to wear, and actually was impressed with how it turned out, but as you'll see under the cut, I think my love for another series of books may have shone through a bit stronger in the end...! ;)

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Harry means business

I did a bad thing...

Oh dear... I accidentally ruined Harry Potter for a child today! D:

At the children's readers group, we started discussing our favourite books, so I obviously threw HP in to the mix, and was delighted that all of the children in the group agreed. I was asked which my favourite book in the series was. The following conversation took place:

KATIE: I love 'Half-Blood Prince'. You find out so much back story for Tom Riddle, you find out about the Horcruxes, Draco shows so much vulnerability when he's crying in the bathroom, and then he hesitates to kill Dumbledore-
INNOCENT CHILD: Dumbledore dies???
KATIE: *horrified expression*
INNOCENT CHILD: *horrified expression*

So it turns out this child has only read up to book 5...

I'm a terrible librarian!
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